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Our organic and vegetal hair care in Paris left bank

Plant-based care rituals

Based on Ayurvedic hair care rituals, our minute preparations made from plant powder and vegetable or essential oils have moisturising, detoxifying and energising properties.

A new approach to your hair routine and a real moment for yourself, to discover or to offer!


The famous 100% vegan AVEDA house, known for its hair and scalp repairing benefits, offers rituals adapted to each hair problem. 

BOTANICAL REPAIR : Composed of 93% natural ingredients, the Botanical Repair range offers an innovative technology that repairs the 3 key levels of the hair (cuticles, cortex, marrow). Based on molecules of plant origin, it is ideal for repairing very damaged hair. 

NUTRI-PLENISH : With a hydration system boosted by "superfood" nutrients and made up of 94% naturally derived ingredients, the Nutri-Plenish range is ideal for moisturising dry hair for up to 72 hours.

INVATI ADVANCED: A powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs including ginseng and turmeric, the Invati Advanced range reduces hair loss by 53% and instantly thickens hair from root to tip.

PRAMASANA: The Pramàsana range is inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, it balances and protects your scalp from pollution and free radicals. A real detox for your hair beauty routine, the little extra that changes everything: the exfoliating brush!

Plant colour by Gaia

The vegetable pigments from dyeing and ayurvedic plants texturise the hair fibre by depositing themselves all around the hair while colouring in a durable and gentle way.

Vegetable-based hair colouring is used to care for and colour the hair on a long-term basis.

Your hair is stronger and shinier, ideal for those who want warm highlights but also soft blondes for white hair. 


NEUTRAL Henna: Neutral Henna or CASSIA OBOVATA is colourless. In vegetable colouring, it is used to care for the hair, cleanse it and give it a natural shine.

KASHMIR BLOND: Kashmir Blond is a subtle blend of dye plants such as RHUBARB and henna... Used alone, it gives a very light iridescent blond.

INDIAN BLOND: Indian Blond is a mixture of Cassia and henna, it allows you to obtain warm and golden blonds.

HERBAL HENNA: The Herbal Henna is a mixture of Ayurvedic plants (henna), it allows to obtain shades of coppery colours and in superposition with Indigo reveals chestnut, brown or even black colours.

HAVANE: Havana is a subtle mixture of INDIGO and Henna, it allows you to obtain shades of brown colours.

INDIGO: Indigo is never used alone in vegetable colouring. A subtle blend of AMLA and other ayurvedic plants, it is used to cool or darken all shades when superimposed on Henna. Ideal for chestnut, brown or black hair.

Implementation & referencing Simplébo