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All you need to know about vegetable coloring with our partner Couleurs Gaïa

Your hairdresser is a trained expert in 100% vegetable hair coloring. Here's how the process changes from traditional hair coloring. 

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What is vegetable-based hair coloring?

A 100% vegetable hair coloring is composed of plants called tinctorial, with strong coloring power. Finely crushed, sifted and mixed with hot water, they act on the surface of the hair and coat it while respecting its structure. This technique is different from traditional hair coloring, also called "oxidation coloring", which opens the scales of the hair fiber.

What is the vegetable coloring used by my hairdresser ?

We work with Couleurs Gaïa colorations are 100% vegetable, composed only of carefully selected dyeing and ayurvedic plants. More than a coloring, they act as a real care, strengthening the hair fiber, while bringing shine and vitality.

All the plants used in Couleurs Gaïa's colorations are either certified organic (Cosmos Organic label) or wild harvested (Cosmos Natural label).

The colorings are permanent, totally cover the white hair and become more and more patinated and beautiful as the weeks go by!

What results can be obtained with vegetable coloring?

Thanks to our expertise, you can obtain a wide range of colors, from light blonde to black, through shades such as Venetian blonde, honey blonde, chestnut, copper, light brown, amber, dark brown.

Your color is personalized and will be defined together, during a preliminary diagnostic appointment.

Things to know before you start

The range of possibilities extends to the "natural" hair colors: black, brown, copper, red, chestnut, blonde, light blonde... with many possible shades!

However, it is not possible to lighten the hair. Therefore, the lighter the hair, the more possibilities there are.

Some colors require very short application times, while others need to be applied for a longer period of time. We will let you know in advance how much time you should allow in the salon.

Some natural pigments require an oxidation time to reveal their final shade. The final result appears between a few hours and 2 days after the application of the color, which corresponds to the oxidation time.

Very often, a hair colored in vegetable cannot be lightened afterwards. It is then necessary to wait for the hair to grow back to obtain a lighter color. At the beginning, it is therefore better to aim for colors that are slightly lighter than what you want, and then if necessary, darken slightly over the months.

In any case, for an optimal result, it is necessary to start by discussing with us, during a diagnostic appointment.

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